Why is it hard for us to trust in the Lord and not our own understanding?

A great analogy Pastor Keith Craft recntly used is we are like a little kid is anticipating being punished, only if they would of done the right thing, and all they can do is fret and worry about the punishment. All along if the correct things are done for our Farther in Heaven he smiles on us. Is this easy? No. But if we work at it, gets easier as we realize we are constant attacks by the enemy. If we Honor God, help others Pray for Mercy don’t Sin. Gods favor will pours in. How can it not? God loves us and wants to see us succeed.

One way I found to fend off the enemy’s attacks recently, is too listen to Christian music when we feel weak. Shut off all other outside influences other then maybe a running TV with Sports on, or something that doesn’t require sound and praise God and read something inspirational.

So don’t fret and worry over punishment that might be coming, concentrate and stating we are for God and not wavering.

God Bless All

Have you ever flown somewhere and realize people need God more then ever?

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