Why God matters

When growing up we all question why God matters. As you grow older and hopefully ask Jesus into heart to be saved from your sins you start to see why God matters. He will carry you when you are weak. Make what matters most to God most what matters to you.

If you truly are faithful and put God first he will open all kinds of doors for you. Keeping knocking on those doors and God will open the ones he wants too open for you. God has an amazing plan for your life as soon as you find it out the happier and more productive you will be.


Have you ever asked yourself why God Matters?

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One thought on “Why God matters”

  1. . People will folllow [and be gueidd by] spiritual leaders who understand God’s agenda and who know how to help to move them onto it. As my former Divisional leaders, you both demonstrated grace, and visionally leadership which revealed God’s purposes God’s way .It is a joy to welcome you to your new roles, confident that you will build further enlarge and further strenthen our Triune God’s kingdom!!! With my warmest regards God Bless you both! LynnJ

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