When Our Batteries for God Drain

When Our Batteries for God Drain.

Have you ever had a device run out of batteries and goes haywire. Well that’s what happens when our batteries get to low for God

I have a stationary bike I ride everyday and it depends onWhen Our Batteries for God Drain batteries to operate. Well the other morning instead of the screen that indicates how fast and how far I ride, it began to fade out and started acting like it was going to stop working.

Isn’t that how it is at times how our walk with God is?

When we are all charged up and then our batteries give out, its sometimes hard to get recharged or get back on track for God.

Stay the course stay fully charged!

I want to Love and pour into people 100% or until my batteries die. usually by late morning. Gods Love for us never gets low on power he is always there for us and never runs low on power. His batteries are always 1000% fully ready to go for us and all we have to is ask and give him one grain of faith and he will lift us up with his amazing power and grace and mercy & love.

I know there is times when writing this blog that my batteries start to run low in the morning (coffee helps) but you know when I pray over what to write and ask God to help me to put pen to paper or keyboard to screen now a days, I can feel Gods power kick in and it just flows.

I have seen God show up in situations many I have thought impossible to get through but he comes through and says, Power Up and stay focused and God opens up doors that normally would of stayed shut. And keeps closed the ones that aren’t for us. We sometimes just have to be patient and let God work.

Amazing isn’t it when we just step out in faith, and give God something to work with by saying I am here God and am willing to try, he steps in and says OK Lets go charge up and lets make it happen. I Love that about our MOST HIGH GOD!

Isaiah 40:49 He gives power to the weak,
And to those who have no might He increases strength.

I think in life its hard to be at full strength all the time and we need God to step in and say when you get weak I am strong and will carry you through.

I remember once not too long ago I had gotten very tired as my back was giving me allot of trouble. I just prayed about it and went to bed and God healed my back, and allowed me to recharge my batteries for him and life as this next morning I fell completely better. Praise God!

Keep you batteries charged for God everyday by starting your day off and plugging into Gods word and watch him energize your life.

Have a Blessed Day,

Bradley Paul,

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