When Gods Vision Kicks In

When Gods Vision Kicks In

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Have you ever received something and it was Gods vision for your life and was totally unexpected?

Not too long ago we gave a car to a single Mom in need of it and it was unexpected not only for her to receive it but it was also unexpected for us.

God was working long before the need ever became apparent and or presented itself.

Sometimes we have to let God be God and not try and force a change when he is working his plan in our lives and those around us.

 Genesis 15:1
After these things the word of the LORD came to Abram in a vision, saying, “Do not be afraid, Abram. I am your shield, your exceedingly great reward

Isn’t this awesome knowing that God is our great reward and all we have to do is ask him into our hearts and he will be our shield?

He will kick his vision into our lives and make the path straight and we may not recognize it at first but rest assured he is working.

Not long after our friend a single Mom who received the car had many other things line up in her life that were so obvious they were Gods vision for her life it was undeniable that God was and is working to help her.

We prior to ever meeting her had many chances to sell or trade the car in as we knew at some point we were going to upgrade it. But we held back for some reason we found out later God had his plan for it.

It’s so awesome to see God work and correct the path of those that lean and are in need of his loving mercy and kindness as we serve and awesome God that provides all our needs!

When we make the sacrifice to hear the word of God and read the word of God something amazing is going to happen in your life as Gods vision finds you and others around you.

That’s the amazing part of being a believer is to see God work in

When Gods Vision Kicks In
When Gods Vision Kicks In

all things and areas of your life, all we have to do is believe and stay the course (easier said than done at times) but as you go through life to see what his vision take hold and watch unfold before our eyes!

Similar to this picture and then sun rising and starting a new day you know his vision for our lives is working and when it becomes apparent just as the sun rising in all its amazing glory for another beautiful day his vision for our lives is amazing and beautiful.

You may ask yourself it seems to be taking longer than I envisioned for Gods plan and vision in my life to happen.. Rest assured when you stay in faith and continue to honor God he will come through and his vison will be so apparent you’ll be in awe of his amazing plan and how it all comes together!

Have a Blessed Day,

Bradley Paul

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