Wall Cross

Wall Cross is a interesting and awesome looking type of religious icon that has stood the test of time. If you look at the many different areas you will find that the Cross has been standing for something real for many thousands of years. Its symbolizes our Lord and Savior Jesus and all he has done for us and the ultimate price he paid for our sins.

If you look at this this excellent cross the Lone Star Wall Cross 
you will begin to see the greatness of it and really understand why we especially love this one. With so many to chose from its not easy to narrow down to just the correct amount to ass to your collection but the main thing is to continue to try and find the one that fits your wall.

Many time we want to try and find a cross that is different metal or that doesn’t quite look the way we want do the type of material used. Best thing to do is to keep looking and find one that fits your needs.

Please take a look at these excellent selection of crosses

When selecting the correct cross make sure and keep lighting in mind and try and realize exactly where you have it placed and look at different areas you may or may not want it.

If we look at the many types of crosses that you can use to create a excellent looking wall it really becomes exciting and something that you’ll want to share with friends and family. I have always liked seeing new examples of all the different types of walls out there and will continue to search for new ones.

In this picture you can see a great example many crosses on a excellent wall.

wall cross

With so many different styles it may seem like there is no way to pick the correct one. This is actually the fun part as you start to look at the many styles to choose from. When you start to realize that there may be some great combinations you can put together it really comes clear.

Sometimes when searching the different areas that crosses are available you start to find many wooden styles that allow you to actually change the color to match your existing configurations to make your wall to look even better. When searching keep an eye out for the many sizes available as that helps you narrow things down.

The Our Father Wall Cross shown here

Wall Cross

is especially interesting as it starts with the our father who art in heaven words as it runs down the middle and is engraved with words that will inspire you as you look at them in passing on a daily basis.

With so many to chose from I am sure you’ll find one that will look great on any wall you will place it. Main thing is to keep and eye out for the one that looks best to you and try it out and see what you think.

In this video you will see that there are many people with cross walls as its becoming more and more popular with time.

I know when we decided on the two metal crosses we were so excited to put them up. They really show up nicely and are so proud to show our love of the Lord Jesus. Our wall seen here.

wall cross
We added the bible on the small ledge to left and really liked it. It ads so much to it and I would like to add a few more items but we don’t want o over crowd it.

It would be nice to add some additional lighting and or some other items around the edges to get it to a point of looking better at night to illuminate the two larger crosses.

The Wooden crosses are very awesome looking and would be a nice addition to any home.

These are just some of the examples and you can start with many choices out there you will find the correct combination at some point to help you build an excellent looking wall that you can be proud of for years and years to come.

We built ours approximately two years ago and are very proud of it and look forward to enjoying it for may more years. I am sure once you complete yours you will be very happy with it and will enjoy it for a long time.

Happy looking and God Bless you in your honoring of God building a awesome place for you to view and honor him. Cross Wall (Home)










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