The Pursuit of Gods Path

The Pursuit of Gods Path

When you have a pre-conceived idea of something, don’t take offense when things change as God works through others and the situation looks different then what you originally thought it would.

Sometimes we have to learn to recognize that God is working his plan that may include us being more flexible more loving and understanding then we ever thought we could.

I am sure there has been times where you have thought that a person or situation was going to respond or come to a certain resolve, just to see it turn out completely different then what we though it would.

I know I have seen God work his plan in peoples lives, I will have  know and its amazing to see as he lines things up just so.

We need not take offense if this plan turns out different then the plan we thought we knew, as God is the all knowing and is working it out for everyone’s good!

I know recently a friend of mine lost his Job and many people at the company he works for couldn’t understand why. What was this? God lining things up for my friend for a new position maybe a better position as God works his plan out.

We have to sometimes do everything we can to help with a situation, but then get to a point where its in Gods hands and let him step in and do the rest.

When God works to correct a crooked path he lines up all things to make them just so and allows for us to grow through the process to make us better and allows for change to shape us for the better.

Romans 12:2
And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God.

As it says in Romans don’t let the situations of this world transform your mind, let Gods will do that. He will work things for your good and make the way for you and ensure your situation will be right where you should be, and allow you to be with the right people to allow for great things.

As this process occurs we have to learn to be patient and wait on

The Pursuit of Gods Path
The Pursuit of Gods Path

Gods perfect timing and help others around us and teach them this process as well. They may be partially though the process of Gods change for there own lives but if you pray and assist them too we all learn to help each other.

If we stay on course for God and know that he is there for us and when we talk to him through prayer and really throughout the day and ask him to give us a sign that things are changing for the better he will at times reveal his plan to you!

What a great and Awesome God we serve! Stay the course don’t give up and know the most high is on our side!

Have a Blessed Day!

Bradley Paul

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