The Power of Acting Like a Christian

The Power of Acting Like a Christian

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Have you ever had the opportunity to demonstrate an act of kindness and missed it? You know I have, and later I might think why didn’t I open that door or help someone in need?

We all have the power to Act like a Christian every day and reach out and help others even is it’s through small things.

Recently we were at the Doctors office and we had been waiting awhile and several people came and went and one that had a broken leg, I was able to open the door for her. She seemed very appreciative and what did it do? It for one showed God I care about his children and it set the stage for the people in the waiting room if they knew I was a Christian by wearing a T-shirt or cross (unfortunately this day I didn’t) it would promote us as Christians as are good people, willing to help others at all times.

I don’t say this to brag but it dawned on me how our actions can sometimes lead more people to Christ than anything else.

When your driving are you courteous to others or do you drive aggressively with your Christian bumper sticker on? Like my Brother Burr..Haha Just Kidding Bro Love Ya Man! What do people think then about us ‘Christians?’

What I am trying to say? Actions speak louder than words. Yes it’s important to also verbally do things as Men and Women of God that tell people about the good word like I do with the videos and really the entire blog. But let our actions be the real indicator of our walk with God.

1 John 2:6
He who says he abides in Him ought himself also to walk just as He walked.

It really is one thing if we speak about being good and wanting to do good, and actually following through and doing it.

Serving at church is great example of that. Many times we have these great intentions of wanting to help out but when it comes down to actually putting actions to your words it may get difficult for some.

But remember God wants us to Love one another and help each other and serve each other and when we truly learn this concept and follow through with actions it is so amazing to see how God Blesses you for that.

You know recently my brother Burr and his son are once again serving at church on the parking lot ministry. I am so proud and happy for them that we were able to get plugged in together at the same place.

What a great area to demonstrate your love for God as I know at our

The Power of Acting Like a Christian
The Power of Acting Like a Christian

church they waive flags and smile at every carload of people. Matter of fact they pray over the people coming to church before their tires even hit the parking lot.

See how amazing it can get as we start putting actions behind being a Christian and learn to help and pray for those around us to make your piece of the world that much better off and through your actions it might encourage others to want it too.

Have a Blessed Day,

Bradley Paul


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