The Lord is a Warrior!

The Lord is a Warrior!

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Today being Veterans day we are reminded of and thankful for all the Veterans of the Military and are here to say that they are really warriors and we are Thankful for all current and past heroes and all they (myself included) have done to preserve our freedom and make this country great!

In Exodus 15:3 we are reminded of this
The LORD is a Warrior;
The LORD is His name.

When we stand for what is right ether it be our country, family or whatever your cause is your a warrior and sometimes we have to make a stand and say this is where we draw the line.

A friend of ours recently told me about the extreme difficulty she had growing up and is now recovering from this and is making a stand and turning around and helping others. She is a warrior.

Everyday there are men and women defending our freedoms they are warriors for what is right and true and just.

Everyday there are men and women who Love God and stand for

The Lord is a Warrior!
The Lord is a Warrior!

him know matter what they are warriors

And last but not least every men and women stand for their families and either go to work and provide or take care of their families in some shape or form and make sure God is at the center and they are warriors too.

So as we honor Vets today and how they lead as Warriors and are shining examples, lets remember that’s just how the Lord is a Warrior we have it in us too rather your a Veteran (Again we Honor all vets today Thank You for your service), Mom, Dad, or a Man or Women of God lets all bring out the Warrior within us and put God at the center and stand for him.

Have a Blessed Day,

Bradley Paul

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