Text to God

The other night I was thinking about how the connection with friends and family via text messaging is allot like talking to God. I was getting ready to text my brother Bob, seen in the picture to the right (a Godly man and has helped me with my walk with God). That’s when it hit me. I realized that You and I have a direct connection to God. When we Pray, or worship its like we have a direct connection to the Almighty. We have his full attention. Now with texting I realize you don’t always¬† have the other persons full attention. But you have Gods.

As I was writing this I emailed my brother about going to spring training, where we were in the picture a few years back. Well guess what? We are going to spring training this year in Tempe AZ. God lined that up.

What I am saying here is takes time to pray. Its your time to spend with God and tell him how much you love him and to ask for his Wisdom, Understanding and Favor in your life. Let it flow. God loves it when you talk to him. It is said in the Bible pray and talk to God seven times a day as he loves it when we do. So if we would pray as much as we text, Gods Love and Understanding will surely pour down onto your life.

Have you ever felt a direct connection to God?

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