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The Five Love Languages Reviewed

The Five Love Languages Reviewed

This book by Gary Chapman is about how couples talk to each other through entire ways the author calls Love Languages and can be found hereThis could be everything from physical touch to quality time and other ways of communication with your spouse that you may have fallen away from or never known.

I found this book all so enlightening as I had no idea people communicated in other ways besides talking. Well to be fair facial and body expressions I know of course, but when it comes to Love and that type of daily communication it really takes with your spouse that is entirely different.

Gary often refers to the power of touch, such as a hand shake or a hug to start the day which is all important, rather it be brief or prolonged and how important it is especially, if that is someone Love Language.

There is a great part in the book where Gary is at a church and is talking to a young couple that are struggling in their marriage and after Gary gets down to whats wrong they are speaking the same Love Language which I would of never thought possible. But was very eye opening on how Gary helped this couple through it.

Over all I give this Book 4.5 Angels as I think its really excellent as far as helping couples and just people in general communicate better and only reason its not 5 is I would of really would like to see more tie in from a biblical perspective.

I learned allot about myself and others in reading this book and I

The Five Love Languages Reviewed
The Five Love Languages Reviewed

know personally even after many years of marriage it will help me to communicate better.

You can tell Gary has been counseling and helping many people as his confidence & experience seem to bounce of the pages as he expands on many subjects when it comes to over all communications and drills down into then real life experience (names changed to not embarrass any one) which are particularity helpful in that these are actual situations in people lives which I feel we can always benefit from the most.

Gary likes to use the analogy of our tank being full when it comes to our Love tank for our relationship. What a great way to express our selves not only in a relationship or communicating with someone, but also with God.

Is your tank full or empty for people or God? I know mine at times run low similar to how when in a relationship our emotional channel and Love channel can go dry if make you feel like you need to fill back up.

I think that why this is a great read as it teaches us to fill our tank back up not only for ourselves but to help others learn to fill theirs back up and that’s what God wants, to be happy and help others find that peace and happiness as well.

Have Blessed DAY,

Bradley Paul,

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