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Love of God

The Love of God can run so deep as seen in this tree lined drive that it can be simply  amazing. Love of God There are times when we need to remind ourselves and shout I Love God

When we go through life similar to driving down this road many times it look like the end cant be seen, but rest assured God has you all along. The green in this shot to me represents the almighty walking along side us and saying hey I am here by the road and look I am all the way to the end all you have to is ask me into your heart and believe!

I know in my own life there were times that this road was not even applicable, and you would have to add on to the above and show a dirt road that I felt I was on. But rest assured I found my path back thank goodness in a large part to good people in my life who know God and said come on here is the road oh and by the Jesus is there too!!!

Our Love of God grows more and more as we see the amazing thing he can do.

Have a Blessed Day
Bradley Paul


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