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Linked-In to God

Have you ever had the feeling that we are Linked-In to God? When we stay on the path and do out part is when the link starts. I know for me I don’t want that link to break do to what I like to call poisons that can enter our life and corrode our chain. Our Linked chain to God.

Lined-In to God
Interesting analogy I know, I had a dream about and realized I need to blog about it so others may see the vision of God and maybe being to live at a Elevated level and get their Link going to God. He wants us to cry out to him everyday and let him know we love him and honor him and praise him.

I know life can be hard and there are many times when our link gets strained by other people or situations. Its far better to stay on the link then to fall off for a short term, short lived feeling or thrill. As when we stay on the link, the chain to God, he will begin to use that Link to lift you to amazing new levels in your life.

There will be tests and poisons that come across your path but that is designed to test your faith and for you to stay linked and say to God your are first know matter what! God You are the strong link and I am going to stay on this chain with you God I will do my your part HE WILL SURELY DO HIS!!!.

Have a Blessed Day!

Have you ever had a friend who was off the chain?

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