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True light that gives light

Hi guys just wanted to do this video and blog post as I haven’t posted in a while just wanted to really get back into the word here as it says in John 1:9

The true light that gives light to everyone was coming into the world.

John 1:9 NIV

What this means to me is that Jesus was a light bringer to the world at a time when when religion and its rules we’re pretty overwhelming in many ways. You know really in many ways Jesus brought the light and changed lives and we can do the same thing, in our own world so speak we can be light bringer to any situation.

There’s times as we go through life, we may be at work, we may be at school at home or maybe we are at your sons or daughters soccer softball or sporting event, wherever. There’s always opportunities to bring light into people’s lives, it’s not always easy, sometimes you have to start with small steps and that goes a long ways.

My wife had a friend at work who was a single mom struggling with different places to live, my wife started small conversations with her speaking into her life. It ended up turning into a situation where we were able to help her in different ways like moving, and different things, its really been a great thing in our lives as well.

True light that gives light

To be able to reach out and help someone it does allot as it lights a light for yourself, as well as a person being helped. It’s a great great thing that’s why Jesus was the way he is and was when he was and will be on the Earth.

I know recently there was a situation where a pastor friend of mine who I really didn’t know was a pastor at the time I first met him. Was working right alongside me and there was just to be honest there was a glow about him, this again was before I knew he was a pastor and I recognized this glow. I finally asked him if he was a pastor and he confirmed it, and also proceeded to show me the Bible on his desk and his morning bible and prraying routines.

After becoming friends with Pastor Darrell and everything he was going through at the time, he told had falling away from the church. You never know what your kindness and generosity will do to change someone life, or how God’s working through you. Pastor Darrell ended up going back to the church based on a church invite I gave him and he now has found God again and has restored his faith in the church God and his life.

When we follow Jesus and we’re truly are God’s hands and feet extended and we learn to walk in the light and be the light, we are far better off. Hopefully we can start posting a little more and at some point we’ll even do a live event get everybody involved it would be a great thing and it will definitely announce it to everybody.

Have a great blessed day!

Bradley Paul

God directs your storm

Have you ever felt like God directs your storm? If not them may be your not paying close enough attention. Or are you getting discouraged with no hope in sight? That’s when it’s important to stay on course and lean in to Gods teachings and know he is there directing the storm.

Some times God puts us through these storms so we can see the changes that need to happen. Rest assured he is still in control and is allowing you to grow to the next level. You ask how can this be? This thing I am going through is incredibly hard. Rest assured he is there and he is in control and wouldn’t put you through that storm if you couldn’t handle it.

I know there has been storms in my life that I know God was directing and at times I couldn’t see it as I went through it. One time I was working for a certain supervisor who loved to yell at the whole team as a way to try and get them to finish projects. One project in particular in which she was yelling directly at me. Well God directed that storm to the point he found me a new job when it was all said and done I am happier and make more money, God is so Awesome!

When we open up our eyes to see all that God does for us we really start to see amazing times in which he carried us through. I know sometimes its not easy to see how is doing this. He works behind the scenes making it happen. Even when we are at rest he is lining things up in your favor to get you to the next level.

As long as we a re faithful to him he will will not fail. Even creating this website I have faith that he will bring the visitors that need hope and faith elevated. Maybe it will reach out and help someone who is having a low day. If it inspires one person it has done its job. I know God is working to line things up even when its not always apparent.

So stay in faith don’t lose hope. Stay on track and rest assured God directs your storm and will get you through and will make you stronger and a better position for it. Please check back often and post your stories of How God got you through your storms.

God Bless and have a Great Day!

Cross Wall


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