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Find Faith in God Not Your Situation

Find Faith in God not your situation. Have you ever felt down and like your job or your certain situation was dragging you

Find Faith in God Not Your Situation
Find Faith in God Not Your Situation

down? Maybe you thought things or a problem your going through was too difficult to get through. When we learn to focus and give our problems to God and make him bigger in our lives is when we start to see a change and he lifts us and gets us through the these situations.

If all we do is focus on the problem we start to get dragged down by it. At this very moment when we learn to Find Faith in God not your situation, and make a immediate change in attitude and ask God to bring you wisdom and favor in these issues is when we start to see problems solved and lives changed.

There is no problem to big for God. When we start to change our thinking we start to see our lives change for the positive and those around us see this as well and realize that something mighty and powerful is at work.

Many times we go through life and start to get caught in the things of this world such as work or just life in general and we forget to start our day by asking God to invade our every situation and give us wisdom and favor to get through all situations.

I remember recently I had particularly tough situation at work that I called my wife and told her what I was struggling with and she quickly reminded me of Romans 15:13

When we shift our thinking and truly believe is when change happens.

Have a Blessed Day

Bradley Paul


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