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Do You Walk With God

Do you walk with God daily or just sprint along side and then go run your race and then sprint again when you feel like it?

Know that God loves you and wants you to live everyday focused on him and not just for a few days a year.

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Do You Walk With God
Do You Walk With God

Don’t get me wrong its important to go to church and worship and spend time with God on Sundays or Saturdays or whenever we are able to attend.

But what’s really important to the almighty is to live for God day in and day out by putting him first.

Proverbs 4:23
Keep your heart with all diligence, For out of it spring the issues of life.

Why is so important? Well thoughts produce attitude and if we start to stray away from keeping God first, we start to get on the side of life where other things of this world become our focus and not God. Idle hands are the workshop of the devil.

I know in life as we start to work full time or maybe you stay at home and take care of your family, we all have a tendency to get busy and fall away from God and not even know it.

Do You Walk With God?

A friend of mine told me she was getting so busy and was not putting God first and felt like she was losing here peace. This really made me think that we all need to constantly pray and more importantly start our day with God and if all possible serve God in some way either at church or possibly in the community.

I know for my self when I am plugged in at church and serving and helping others I feel so much better spiritually and know that it pleases God to serve and help his people. When we keep our mind occupied with the things of the lord it doesn’t allow the enemy to get a foot hold.

Walk with God and know that he is alongside you and picks you up when you fall and know this and have confidence in this and when the negative thoughts creep in, learn to recognize  them for what they are early and shut them off and turn to God and ask him to keep you on the positive side of life.

When we walk with God on a regular basis we start to see our lives change and those around us as well. Sometimes we don’t recognize this until many months or years later as we strengthen our walk with God as it’s influencing others more then we know all the time.

This happened to Pastor Darryl when he was working with the youth at his church and he had a young man approach years later and thanked him for being a positive role model both for life and God in his life as through Darryl’s consistency and love for God and helping others and serving week after week he was able to make a massive change for the better in this young mans world.

When we learn to stay the course and even before we get out of bed in the morning say “I can do all things through you God who strengthens me” 3 times in a row. We start our day on a positive note and God instantly floods in and when we continue by serving him, we stay on the winning side of life for God.

Have a Blessed Day,

Bradley Paul

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