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God has a great future for us but we can’t get there if our attitude is the same as it was

What does this mean? It means we have to develop what I like to call a Godditiude. In order to shine and show you really care we have to change our attitude. Make it different then what it was. To help us get to the next level. If we walk around with a bad attitude it shows on our faces it shows in our work or our relationships.

Now sometimes its not easy to develop a Great Godditiude. But that’s where Jesus comes in and when he enters your heart you realize you have nothing to fear any more he is in control now. If you loyal and trust in him you will start to see a change. A tremendous change in your life. So come on get a Godditiude and live your life at the next level.

Have you ever had a Bad attitude and knew you had to make a change?

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