Stay Positive in Your Walk With God Be Spirit Filled

Stay Positive in Your Walk with God Be Spirit Filled. Sometimes its not easy to stay positive from sun up to sun down in life. Life has a tendency to hit hard and fast and we Stay Positive in Your Walk With God Be Spirit Filledmust remember we are under constant attack from the Enemy who tries to get us on the negative side of life. But when we wake up everyday and start it with Thank You God for another Day and calling me his precious one, your going along way to keeping your day and ultimately your life positive.

Start your day and keep your spirit filled up from the very beginning of your day through Prayer and worship. I like to ride the bike early and worship to the Lord (I hope know one hears my off key singing).

Stay Positive in Your Walk with God Be Spirit Filled. When we start the day positive and filled with the Holy Spirit, we are like putting on the whole Armour of God and lifting him up to new levels.

Start each day with in a new way and watch your life Elevate to new levels and soar and expand to new heights you never thought possible.

I remember at one point in my life I had very little hope of a brighter future. But through my brothers and Pastors and the church in my life, my wife and I have hope and we are seeing positive change in our life. When you stay the course and read the word things start to change.

Sometimes it can takes time and it doesn’t happen as fast as you like, but rest assured you will start to see small break troughs when we stay on course.

I remember before I even met my wife I had little hope of finding someone to go through life with. But after we met (over 26 years ago) which I now believe was all in Gods plan and the Love we found is the same as how God Loves us, everyone has hope.

The good news anyone can have this promise and God in their life; all you have to do is ask God into your life and he will flood in and change your world.

Have a Blessed Day

Bradley Paul


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