Shield of Faith

What is a Shield of Faith? Keep your shield of faith on don’t let it down, if you have to listen to christian music or not listen to a certain radio station or not talk to certain people its what you have to do to stay faith.

I have found its not easy to walk in faith there are many times where you will want to fall off the track. You must only “let in” the good. There is so much broken in this world from TV, Radio, People etc You must really learn to control what comes in as those outside forces will try effect you in a negative way. Stay strong, you are under attack but get that Shield of Faith up and defend against the attacks. Don’t let them come in. If you have to listen to Christian Music all day (I find this most effective).

Whatever works for you just know that once you get in the zone and you have to cut out the bad, and only let the good in, your walk with God will be that much better. I don’t want to say it will be easier, as we are still under attack as the enemy will try and attack you from other angles. But stay faithful. Remember God said it only takes a grain of faith for him to work in your life.

Stay faithful, Keep your Shield Up Serve God and Watch Amazing Things Happen in Your Life.

Have a Blessed Day.

Whats for favorite Christian Movie?

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One thought on “Shield of Faith”

  1. Hey Angela! My group is a facebook group of hooehcsmol moms from all over the USA. We have decided to take on the winter challenge as well! We are going to help out with their March drive of collecting baby items. We will be shipping baby items to them during the month of March!For our Week 5 challenge we are helping on of our own in our group. I am so excited to announce it to her this morning! We have a mom in our group that has 9 children, several with disabilities, and an infant who just had surgery. They have to drive several hours back and forth to the children’s hospital that is helping their children and of course it is very draining of finances. We are sending her gift cards and cards of encouragement to hopefully give her a boost and help lift her spirit during this time!We are loving our group and we are loving the James study!!!Thanks!Kellie

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