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  1. I will chime in. There is a huge misnomer that you can’t have fun if you are a Christian. I bleeive that you can have fun and live a Christian life. What my family considers fun may not be what another family considers fun, nor might the activities that my husband and I pursue individually be considered fun by another. For example (and I am sure that someone will be angry that I singled out a particular event, but I could list hundreds of examples and I am sure Kristi has a word limit ) attending a ball game with my kids and risking sitting next to a group of folks yelling expletives and drinking beer is not our kind of fun while an afternoon of creek wading and exploring, pond fishing, or eating an ice cream treat at Dairy Queen is.Will someone who has not publicly professed their faith in God go to Hell? Will someone who acknowledges Christ with their dying breath and not lead a Christian life for others to see, not make it in to Heaven? We will have to debate that at a time when I don’t feel under the gun to hammer out a response Witnessing, I definitely have an opinion there While witnessing and providing a biblical foundation for your argument for Christianity probably won’t garner many points with someone who has already made up their mind’ Quite possibly they know what Christianity entails and they are not prepared to depart from their worldliness? While we are all accountable with part of our responsibility as a Christian being to witness and lead others to Christ, I am not sure that we will be dinged’, for lack of a better word, for failing to convert another person even though we have tried our darndest. I bleeive that free will plays a huge role in the decision making process of some folks who may just want to wait one more day and have a little fun ‘ Lots of these folks are the folks who have issues following rules and just simply don’t like the idea of being told what to do That is where you, my friend, let your God light shine and let your life be an example so that others might become curious and want the same. Then game on you share the secret of your success’ There is that old adage You can lead a horse to water . yadda, yadda, yadda I suppose when witnessing you have a limitless supply of water in your trough right???

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