Remember last time God helped you succeed?

When we Remember last time God helped you succeed, we are far better off then we think. Pastor Joel Osteen spoke about the very subject this last weekend and it really is a great thing to remember. We all so quickly forget all the things that God has helped us with. Maybe it was that last promotion, or helping you before committing that sin. It can be many ways that we should never for get.
I know for ourselves it has been when God helped us buy our house. We really didn’t think it was going to happen, we thought it just wouldn’t come through. We prayed and did our part the best we could by saving and paying off bills. Well when it came down to the wire several people came through who we know without a doubt have a direct connection to God! We couldn’t of been happier.
Whats your story of the last time God came through for you? Why remember this you ask? Well as Joel said when we allow the negative to take over it gets very discouraging. But when we remember the good and stay positive is when the we start to feel better about things. By not allowing the negative bombardment to take over we are way ahead.
In life there are times when its not easy, but if we stay positive and focus on the good and not the bad we start to see a change. This is how God intends it to be for us to live a Positive life. We like to call this a Elevated life. When you start to think I can and higher thoughts is when you start to see a change.
Remember last time God helped you suceed
These changes can be ever so subtle at first and at times we don’t realize how exactly God is lining things up for our favor. Rest assured he is. As long as we are faithful to him, he is working in the background to make things happen. When we realize this, it is a lifting feeling. Now sometimes it takes time for God to do this and it may seem like nothing is happening, then you will start to signs of change. It may not be in ways you expected but its always amazing and for the best!
So stay positive and remember the good and check back often to post your stories of how a positive life made a change in your heart and soul.
Have a Blessed Day.

Bradley Paul


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