Power of the Plan

Power of the Plan.

Do you follow your plan our Gods? Have you ever asked God what is your plan for my life and tried to turn around and tell him yours?

That’s not how really God intended for it to be. When he sees that we are following his plan and are happy with what he has already given us, he then decides if we need more.

Have you ever brought someone a gift or maybe received a gift on a regular basis from someone? Not for a special occasion but maybe someone comes home from a trip or  you receive regular flowers from your significant other? Well when we start to expect that gift and actually wait on it it kind of ruins it. The suprise is gone.

God wants to surprise us with his gifts and not have us sit and wait for them. When we are faithful and do the right things he lines things up everything just so. It may come out of the blue and may not come at all.

We should always think and remember whats most important to us, God, Family and Friends and keep them all in perspective and learn to appreciate every single part of your life as its all a gift from above.

I think many times we start expecting things from God and really we should ask what we can do for him.

Really we need to know that know matter who you are or what you done that God will help us start living a life free from your past and looking towards the amazing future he has in store for you.

God wants you to let go of whats behind you and press into him and a new future for your life with him on your side.

Don’t turn your back on what God has in store for your life and be satisfied with a less then life. Take hold of his plan and watch it take you to a whole new level.

God has a new life for you and you just have to be determined to accept it and make a change sometimes a complete change for the better.

Romans 14:17 NKJV
for the kingdom of God is not eating and drinking, but righteousness and peace and joy in the Holy Spirit.

Power of the Plan. God really is allot more concerned with what going on inside of us then whats going on outside of us. He wants to see us have peace and happiness and contentment with all he has already given you and done for you.

Isn’t it amazing and freeing as we realize that God is there for us and

Power of the Plan
Power of the Plan

he is fighting our battles and all we really have to is try and make a effort for him and he is always by our side like the huge equalizer that helps us when we grow weak and weary?

Chase Gods things not things of world.

So today’s message really is be happy with what God has already given us and be faithful to him and be ready as God gives you a new vision to an amazing future that can open in a instant and open doors you never thought possible.

Have a Blessed Day,

Bradley Paul



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