Persecuted Reviewed

Persecuted reviewed

After seeing Prosecuted I have to say this movie is not exactly a glue you to your seat Christian Movie we have seen of late.

It does a good job of representing the Church in a positive light but there are parts that leave you scratching your head and wondering what message were they trying to get across.

James Renner plays the lead Pastor (John Luther) does a really good job of representing a large mega church in the DC area with global influence. Fred Thompson is his Father and a Priest who plays a believable role as well and is especially good in the political scenes and his knowledge of the political arena really shines through.

The movie is set in the DC area is centered around a scandal that erupts when Luther doesn’t want to play ball with a certain congressman and starts the wheels in motion of a scandal of epic proportions the rocks the church to its core.

There are parts where you can see the lack of planning and or budget becomes apparent as gaps in the plot leave you wondering at certain times what they had in mind.

Over all I give this a 2.5 Angels out of 5 as it tried to make a good attempt at the integrity of Christianity but towards the end it became murky in terms of the Hollywood creep into the story line and should of finished stronger honoring God in a more positive light.

I still commend the producers for making more of these types of movies however, I think there is more work to do as Christians become more and more willing to flock to the big screen if the material is accurate and respectable.

The plot starts at a fast pace as the opening scene places you in the middle of the action just before the Luther is set to go on stage and is confronted by the Congressman played by Bruce Davison. This seemed most believable actually of the entire movie as the timing was believable and you could actually see things really happening this way.

The following scenes seemed to take on a rapid pace that stated leaving holes where you had to really fill in the gaps and started wondering about the Christian based part of the film that I think the directors might have as well.

Not to give to much away but as the family became involved after Luther being setup seemed to be almost unreal as they seem to cut out a large amount just to get the movie going in the direction they wanted it to.

Persecuted reviewed. Either way it was descent entertainment and

Persecuted reviewed
Persecuted reviewed

didn’t feel like it was a waste of money to see this film. I would recommended to all audiences but some of the scenes can be slight graphic so younger audiences probably should not watch it.

Overall a good movie and is you get a chance to see it lave your comment below would love to know your thoughts.

Have a Blessed Day,

Bradley Paul



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