Non Live Elevational 11-7-14 TGIF Edition

Non Live Elevational 11-7-14 TGIF Edition

Today’s Non live Elevational is about our most popular post of the week which this week was The Power of Acting Like a Christian

If you can’t see the above video click here

Many times all are eyes are on us just like this morning while driving to work there was a traffic break that in some parts of the country are done to allow drivers to get out of parking lots safely or not having to wait to long. Well while I was the car creating the traffic break the car behind me got anxious and started honking his horn occasionally. I know he saw my christian bumper sticker but that was only part of the reason I let the young lady through that was trying to get out of through the traffic break, it showed that drover and others that us as Christians try and do the right thing. Now after she went through I then pulled up.

Our actions many times speak stronger then words and as Christians all eyes are on us especially to do the right things.

Have a Blessed Day and Weekend.

Bradley Paul

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