Noah Reviewed

Noah the movie is one of the Best Movies I have seen in awhile as it was Biblical based and really had allot of action. It was definitely not a low budget film as it has major actors and plenty of CG.

The opening did go somewhat slow but quickly picks up as God downloads to Noah to build the Arc and is given a seed from his Grandfather to plant and have a forest grow and he then uses the wood to build the Arc. The CG is amazing as this tree grows and I really

Noah Reviewd
Noah Reviewd

loved this part. God actually comes through and provides all of Noah’s family’s needs as all he needed was a seed of hope.

Once construction of the Arc begins it seems very believable as they begin to build a massive ship and again this is done well and believable. Noah and his family realize this is real as the birds arrive in a massive flock and enter the Arc.

As the movie goes on you can almost see Noah and his family change as they put the whole trust and faith in God to get the job done the best of there ability.

They finally get the Arc done after many attacks by the surrounding communities and are able to get all the animals aboard. I really like the scene where all of the animals come on board, the heard animals and bears, lions etc. They march through the forest in very impressive formation and loud thundering noise that only the big screen can capture.

Once the flood comes again the producers really got this right too as the massive Arc was able to float and sustain all of them for 40 days. During this long voyage Noah turns to God and asks him for guidance and strength as his family question his resolve. Its well done and believable but I do question how close the movie follows what is written in the Bible. But either way the producers do a good Job of the struggle that must of happened as they struggled with their faith. Noah is a rock and stays the course as they finally are able to have hope as one of the doves fly’s over with the olive branch, signifying that land is back and the flood is over as they finally struck land.

I don’t want to give away too much of the movie Noah here, but it was really well done and I really liked the end when they found land and were all together and a rainbow showed up as Noah just spoke a blessing over his family. I have a new found respect for Noah. Noah and his faith and love for the creator of the universe the Almighty God. Noah is a warrior! We all Serve a mighty God!

Its worth seeing and I hope you all realize that when we see a movie like this and trust in the word of God we can move mountains and oceans the way Noah did!

Have a Blessed Day

Bradley Paul

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