Live in faith not fear

To Live in faith not fear what does this mean? What exactly happens when the fear from our lives is removed? When we put God first and trust in him things start to change in amazing incredible ways. More then what is readily apparent. Our lives start to changes in ways never thought possible. When our lives are no longer fear based but God based the Lord begins to open up new doors for us doors, that are larger and more incredible then we could have ever dreamed of.

God has a plan for each and every one of us and knows exactly how your life should Gods plango. We can sometimes derail that plan if we get to a point where the things of this physical world start to interfere. Things such as fear, greed and hopelessness. God has a vision for our lives and when we learn to trust in him he will start to share that vision with us.

Soon we start to live at a Elevated place in which all of our world around us becomes crystal clear as God begins to open new doors for us as we continue to Honor him.

Now is this always easy to live a God focused not fear based life? No. And the enemy will try and derail it. That’s when we get tested and if we stay strong in the word and know that if God is for us then who can be against us? We resist those thoughts that can send us in the wrong direction. Soon we realize that God is there and helping us and this new life with God is awesome as he is consistent and he is for us and wants to see us happy and strong and in a position to reach out and spread his word to others to effect change in their lives too.

Stay strong in his word and if you don’t know God check out god gets you through problems how God can get you through problems big and small to find the prayer about half way down that will open the window to heaven for you and allow your life to change and as you start to live an Elevated life for God without fear and with him guiding you.

Stay strong in the Lord and please check back often with stories and or comments to share with others as we all gain strength in the Lord.

Have a Blessed Day

Bradley Paul

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