Lift up your hands to the Lord!

Have your ever seen the video where the person is walking down the street in New York city and is so on fire the word you can see it on his face? He then breaks out in Arm lifting, All praising to the almighty worship in middle of the city! It’s awesome if you haven’t seen the David Crowder Band video, check it here and scroll to the bottom.

I have had similar experiences while driving..Be careful. Yes I have been driving down the freeway and listing to Pandora on the Chris Tomlin station so I am interrupted minimally by commercials while worshiping. And yes when I really get into the worship and prayer I will lift my hand to the Lord. Just like in the video. Its unexplainable, how it happens. Its like at church when you know the Lord just showed up, that amazing feeling that washes over you.

Now I don’t recommend taking your hands off the wheel when this happens but maybe try one hand at first ha-ha. This is how God wants us to be, All in! When you first come to the lord, I know its not easy. Many people are taken back by seeing believers display this kind of affection for the Almighty. Well don’t hesitate, lift your hands to the lord! Let him know you are All In!

Have a Blessed Day!

Do you reach out to others and to tell them about God?

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One thought on “Lift up your hands to the Lord!”

  1. that God can call those who are not there as they were there Logicaly it is enough that Bible says the Light was aedlary created on the day one. The most important thing for any body to know about Creation story of the Bible is That it is the summury of many many summeries for us to know a bit that how God made all this

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