Let God Take You

Have ever been so busy or stuck in a rut it felt like you would never get out? That’s when you wants God to Take you. If you allow it and don’t resist it is when he works in your favor and steps into your life if you accept him and follow him he will shine on you. Sometimes in life we grow weary. Maybe we have lost a loved one or a job or we just wake one morning and feel low. Maybe we have a sickness and its just hard to go on. This is where God steps in and says I will handle that for you. Do your best give me something to work with but when you need a victory is where he will take you across the finish line. We serve and awesome all mighty God.

I remember after my mother passed away and how lonely I felt. I actually felt bad about not going to see here as much as I should have. God said, your a good son, you saw her as much as you could, she loves you, and you will see her one day again my son. I replay that over and over and realized God took me in that situation to get me through and helped me to go on and live my life with the absence of my Mother. Let God Take You and you too will be set free.

Have a Blessed Day

Bradley Paul

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