Just saw Heaven is For Real – Reviewed

Just saw Heaven is For Real – Reviewed

Its one of the Best Christian movies I have seen in some time. It has a real emotional side as if you know God and know that Heaven is in your future, it is now confirmed.

I read the book and was waiting for the movie. While some parts were sightly different from the book it was good.

Many times these type of movies have a tendency to get misconstrued by the screen writers and many times the message gets lost in the attempt to bring it to the big screen.

This was not the case with this movie. It was well done and really Elevated my faith after seeing it.

There were parts when there was not a dry eye in the theater as the son Colton described relatives he had seen in heaven and how Jesus looked.

It was truly a movie for your collection as I believe if a non believer sees this movie there is a great chance they will change their minds and follow Christ as this awe inspired movie truly has that ability to change hearts and minds.

There is a part in the movie where Colton is talking to the his Mom about the daughter they had lost and it was very emotional. As up to that point I don’t think the Mom was completely convinced that Colton was telling the truth. But is was well done and the Mom to seems to have a instant change when she realized there is no way her son could of known such things ¬†about the daughter they lost unless he had gone to Heaven. For me it was the icing on the cake of convinceability and the fact that Heaven is for real.

You know there are time in life where we feel like its difficult to have faith or hope. But God is asking just for a grain of hope to shine through and for us to believe and have hope and happiness and not be afraid as there is a better place waiting for us. These things are all brought fourth in the Movie especially the Love the family demonstrates for each other and those around them. It is all encouraging.

I know after reading the book, which I could hardly put down I had sense if how could anyone not believe in God and Heaven after reading it. I had the same feeling after seeing the movie. It’s a very convincing wonderful movie.

The premises of the movie is that Todd’s son Colton became very ill and was hospitalized and had a near death experience. The church that Todd pastors struggled with the realization of Coltons story, and really made many of the congregation question their faith.

Overall I give this movies 5 Angels as it was very well done and I hope Hollywood continues to produce these type of movies.

Be Blessed and Enjoy Heaven is For Real,

Bradley Paul

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3 thoughts on “Just saw Heaven is For Real – Reviewed”

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