Jesus never leaves us

Jesus never leaves us. Have you ever been to a point in your faith where you felt like you were all alone? You felt like things were not quite working but you know that in reality you were never alone. Even when we think we are falling and not doing the right thing Jesus is there for us in amazing ways.

I think we all have had those times where we were not as faithful as we wanted to be or things just were going at such fast pace or full of turmoil, our faith and religion started to take a back seat. Look back at those times and realize God was still there and he was still carrying you through. Its amazing really. He is the solid rock in our lives we can always, always depend on no matter what!

I know for me personally there were times in my life where I have stumbled and tripped and when I look around the almighty is still there providing for us. Is it easy? No. Being a christian is not necessarily easy. But know that when God is there for us who can be against us?

Pick up your feet put one in front of the other don’t give up. Don’t stress or worry as that’s not Gods intent for your life. His intent for your life is to live a happy stress free life and not let the things of this world drag you down. So if you have found Christ or are still looking the good news he is there and waiting for you no matter what. No matter who you are God is there and waiting.

I know in my own walk with God there were times where I fell short of not doing everything correctly. Maybe I said the wrong thing or got into financial trouble but there is always a way to live at an elevated level and that’s through prayer and asking God to accept you into his Kingdom. He is always there for you at all times, at all hours, all you have to do is ask. If you ask for forgiveness you shall receive. Now does this mean your behaviors shouldn’t change? No. It means if you ask for forgiveness and ask God to help you change your way of doing things to make you better. And soon you will start to see changes in your life. Will they happen right away? Sometimes not. Don’t get frustrated keep the faith. Keep the hope and most of all know there is tremendous power in prayer. Prayer to the almighty!

If you are new to Christ or maybe you have known God but have since fallen away. Find a good Bible based church and get involved and reach out to others and they will reach out to you. God wants us to live a purpose driven life and he can help us with that. If we give him something to work with he in turn will help us. So pray and get involved and God will do the rest. God Bless you and have a Great Elevated life.

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One thought on “Jesus never leaves us”

  1. I like the comparisons in your post. I will be pirnayg for you as you grapple with this issue. I am in the middle of a waiting time in my life right now as I seek God for my next steps in employment.

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