Isn’t it Awesome to put it All in Gods Hands, and then wait and see how he will works it out!

How does this work you ask? What does this mean to simply put it all in God hands and let him work it out? Well it really means that if you stay in faithful to him and don’t waiver and when you have problems arise, there are some simple steps you can take to help you work through them.

1. Pray about you problem, issue or challenge and really just ask God for wisdom and favor concerning it. 2. Keep the faith and know that God is working 3. Stop worrying about it, work toward it, and if God is going to allow it, he will make it happen. Something that does happen more often then we think as long as God is in your life. Many times we get discouraged as it may not be happening fast enough, see this post we did on Gods timing here to help clear that up for you.

You know many times if we continue to work our issue we maybe having, and after we have given it to God to deal with its a huge relief. The other amazing part is to see God work and line things up and make things happen. Now at first its subtle and not easily recognized. But suddenly you will notice wow things just changed and you start to see the big picture and the almighty at work. Its encouraging as you start to get victories, and even if it doesn’t seem like a victory, God may be sharpening your sword in someway too. Either way, God will make sure you improve as a person in what you are going through as long as you stay faithful and don’t waiver.

Have a Blessed Day!

Question please post answer below:
Have you ever applied for a Job and lost faith to find out you got it?

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