I Love God

Here is one of the reasons I Love God. He always has us in his best interest and as seen here, he gave me my beautiful wife to remind me with this little sticky note (that I absolutely love). I Love GodHow you ask does this sticky note from my wife have anything to do with me loving God? Well I feel she is a precious gift from God. She loves me and wants to me to be healthy hence the note that says drink your wa wa. What an awesome way to touch some one with a little note into their life. She had also put a note on the other screen that said put your lotion on, as my hands get dry and she is helping me with that as well. This gift from God my wife (I call Glorious) loves me so much she took a minute out of her day to remind me of the little things. This women of of over 26 years has loved and tolerated all of my idiosyncrasies and she still loves me so much to remind me of the little things. That’s why I love her too all of these wonderful years.

This is how much God loves us and why I love God as he is Always there and reminds us of the little things.

Have a Blessed Day
Bradley Paul


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