Gods Wisdom for All

Gods Wisdom for All

Have you ever felt like your knowledge was all gone and anything you tried was so far from God you just didn’t know where to start?

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When we get discouraged and begin to realize we are depending on ourselves and not God it becomes a problem but God has the solution.

When you get at your wits end and want to move forward, come to your senses and know that God is there for us and for us and will carry us though. When we ask for wisdom rather it be a business we are starting or just for life in general as the bible says in

James 1:5 NLT
If you need wisdom, ask our generous God, and he will give it to you. He will not rebuke you for asking.

When we learn to come to God and ask for wisdom, clarity and prosperity in our situation he opens up the flood gates and clears up our blurred vision for the better.

Does this happen immediately you ask? Sometimes God steps in and turns our situations around so fast it will make your head spin. Other times it may take awhile.

My brother Burr is still waiting for a situation to change for him so he can become a full time Professor at the college he teaches part time at. He knows Gods wisdom is flooding in and he just has to wait for the almighty to prepare things.

God gives us wisdom for now and later. We may need some knowledge now, it gets us through the immediate hurdle, and later more wisdom floods in, as God works out life. When he feels we are ready, and the world is ready, God makes it happen and sometimes not. Sometimes God knows not to change a situation as it maybe harmful to us and he protects us that way too.

Ask for wisdom, courage and understanding and throw in peace while you’re at it. I ask for peace every day.

God opens up our eyes to the world around us, wisdom may come through others, or by something we read, as God comes through in amazing ways that may reveal itself through our day.

When we try and maintain a position of wanting be close to God and follow his ways we start to see him work in our lives in generous awesome ways.

God’s wisdom is like a ray of sunshine that is seen in many of our photos here at EYF. When we learn to appreciate his amazing

Gods Wisdom for All
Gods Wisdom for All

wisdom in our lives, we feel ourselves elevating to new levels.

Ask for wisdom and favor in all areas and specific areas of your life as well. Remind God of his amazing promises that only he can deliver in our lives.

May your life start to change in ways that only the almighty can bring and know that even when it seems like it’s taking longer than you ever thought rest assured he is working! Take a step back and Thank God for working things out as he sharpens us and prepares us for our next level.

Have a Blessed Day,

Bradley Paul

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