God’s Voice Tugs At Your Heart

God’s Voice Tugs At Your Heart

Hi Guys Today’s Message really is when we listen to God and tune in to his voice it’s not always a voice that’s easily recognizable. Sometimes when we are a new Christian or just starting our walk with God, we don’t always realize that God’s always there he’s always there coaching us along and helping us through situations.

When we learn to tune into this inner voice, maybe we are making a major decision or even a small one. When we learn to tune into this inner voice that kind of tugs at your heart and tugs at your soul. Once we learn to tune into that, your life starts to change.

Sometimes when God speaks to us with this voice it’s not always what we want to hear. I,v had situations where Gods said to me, turn around and invite that person to church, or he may have said turn around and help that person and maybe they look like they needed money or something. I have at times ignored that voice. It’s the one who learn to really obey God that soar to whole new levels.

Does God condemn us for ignoring his voice? No not really. But when we learn to obey that voice, we see a change for the better. It’s not all about helping others, it’s about changing ourselves, changing the world around us for the better.

Is it an audible voice when you hear from God? Not necessarily. When we start our day in prayer, focus on his word, focus on biblical messages as we go about our life, maybe your in the working world. Or maybe your a student or a stay at home Mom or Dad or maybe your retired and when we quite down our soul and start our day in prayer with God, that inner voice from God will start to reveal itself.

's Voice Tugs At Your Heart
‘s Voice Tugs At Your Heart

It’s all so refreshing when we get to a point of tuning into it, we start to see changes in yourself and those around us. You’ll see on a daily and a weekly basis how God will help you get through different situations and give you wisdom and knowledge as to how to navigate life.

Deuteronomy 4 2 NLT
Deuteronomy 4 2 NLT

When you combine this inner voice from God with the bible and his word as it is written your life with change and soar to whole new levels.

Have a Blessed Day,

Bradley Paul


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