Gods View

Gods View is when he looks at our lives and says wow I am so proud of my sons and daughters in Christ. Don’t you love it when God reaches out to us and says I just Love everything you are doing for me and I love you very much! Gods View

You know Love is just at the center of everything. When we show Love and compassion to others and learn to forgive and forget and pray over people, our lives truly start to change. As Joyce Meyers says in her book Change Your Words, Change Your Life that we must learn to Love more and speak positive not negative words over our lives and others.

Gods view is when he is looking down at us and saying I see you and want you to do the correct things and I am giving you the freedom to choose to do so. As within this freedom is where our lives start to live at higher level as we follow God.

When we really get into Gods view our lives start to change in amazing new ways that we don’t even account for. We start to live at a higher level as we put God at the center of our lives. Its amazing how sometimes we don’t remember that we are always in his view and need to live our lives accordingly.

So lift him up and live your life in Gods view. You will soon start to see things in your own view with Gods filter on as you live life and spread joy and peace and love. Stay focused and keep God first no matter what and you will see amazing things happen in your life.

I remember not long after I had asked God into my heart at the tender age of 19 that I felt as if knew I was in the view of God as he now was excepting me into his Kingdom. How great and awesome is he? For him to do this for us and really help us to live better more productive peaceful lives. Thank you God!

Happy Easter 2013 Everyone

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