Gods Truth Has Taken Hold in Your Heart

Gods Truth Has Taken Hold in Your Heart and it is so freeing.

What does this mean you ask? Well have you ever gone through life and had certain people or circumstances let you down by lies? I know I have had it happen and it has a tendency to kinda of sour your life.

Gods Truth Has Taken Hold in Your Heart
Gods Truth Has Taken Hold in Your Heart

I am here to tell you that there is a Elevated way to live your life that doesn’t involve deception or miss truths. Its a life with the Lord Jesus Christ by your side.

Is so freeing when Gods Truth Has Taken Hold in Your Heart and he truly comes along side you and sets you free. His word is truth and if your read his word through the truth book known as the Bible you will start to see what I mean.

Does this mean your life wont have ups and downs? No. But it does mean when the storms come you will have a strong anchor in your life that will carry you through to ultimately Elevate your life to new levels.

Have you ever had a friend or relative that was like a big brother that kinda watched out for your best interest and was really there for you? That’s what is like when we walk with God. He is that one solid in your life that wont let you down.

I know there have been times in our life where we tried a business venture and come to find out that was not sold to us as promised or just wasn’t true. Did we get bitter, well yes before we learned to know God.

Sometimes we start think that there is no hope in certain situations or begin to ask why is it taking so long for a situation to change? Rest assured that God is working to line up a way for you to go up to the next level. Sometime it takes longer then we would like but look at Abraham from the Bible it took him his whole life to be taken to the next level. Stay faithful and stay the course and God will come through always.

As it says in Psalms 31:29 Be strong and courageous and all you put your hope in the Lord. To me its important to really believe and be strong and stand-up for the Lord in all we do. I know a a good Minister friend of mine is really a shining example of this as I love his heart and the way he always is strong for the Lord. He never tones down a conversation when it comes to God and I think that’s how we all should be. Just as it says in the above verse. If we don’t deny him now he wont deny us later.

So go out and know that Gods truth is in your heart and will set you free, and allow you to truly be happy again, as the Lord shapes your life for your good and his Kingdom.

Have a Blessed Day,

Bradley Paul


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  1. a man should be hosnet, but more than that he should help a brother who is in need.How to implement such a teaching is another thing: it requires faith, clear ideas about today and future, and a heart full of charity.

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