Gods Favor

Have ever received Gods Favor unexpectedly? Its an amazing feeling when this happens out of the blue. God steps in and says here you go you have been faithful you deserve it here ya go.

Sometimes we hope and pray for certain things and has a bigger picture for your life and God is lining up other things instead. Rest assured he knows what we need and when we need it. Something may surprisingly happen as God works this process for us.

Recently my Daughters friend had been saving and looking for a car. She had looked high and low to find one and it just didn’t seem like it was going to happen. We prayed about it and knew God would work it out for her somehow. Well God did work it out and in amazingly wonderful ways.

We all had gone to one car lot and after another being told that it was almost impossible in her situation we walked away somewhat discouraged. We then went to a second car lot and looked at a few cars and came across a few cars she liked. We we went through the usual process and that’s when I started praying for God to somehow work a miracle for this young lady. We he did big time!

Long story short she got the car! We all were completely and totally shocked. She was too. I think maybe this was God saying to my Daughter and her friend God is real and he can work in your life!

Sometimes we just don’t think God is working on our situation and or has forgotten about us. That could not be further from the truth. Stay faithful and don’t give up as God works in the background to answer your prayers. Even if its not for you, he is working for his Glory through you and it is so awesome to see him literately change peoples lives this way!

I know in life it can sometimes not be easy and we start to feel discouraged and feeling like life is getting more and more difficult. That’s when its important to reach out to God and keep the faith. In the Bible it says if we keep one grain of faith its all it takes, God will do the rest. Thank You God for Loving us like you do and being so steadfast for your people.

Please post your stories of Favor so we all can get encouraged and have more hope through you.

Have a Blessed Day.

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