Gods Comfort Zone

Gods Comfort Zone

Have you ever been going through something difficult and taken comfort that others were going through it too? Why is that?

How can the simple fact that others may be going or have gone through the same hardships you are and it gives you sense of relief?

I think at times when we know God and find out that others around you or near you are Christians and walking with God as well, it gives you that same comfort.

Maybe its because deep down we have a feeling of connectiveness (is that a word?) to each other..

Romans 12:5
so we, being many, are one body in Christ, and individually members of one another

I think God designed us this way to know one another and to support one another and to have comfort in that. Why else would we feel that way when others good or bad are going through what we have?

I mentioned recently that our AC went our and we had to do a allot of research as to why and found that many others suffered the same as we have and again it gave us a sense of relief in at least knowing others went through the same thing and came out OK.

Isn’t that how it is with God when we trust him and know others have walked with him and gone on to do great things? Isn’t that a sense of relief too?

A friend of ours was recently needing more money just be able to function and make a living, we prayed about it and asked God to help her and God lined things up in an amazing way that was extremely fast that made us say this is God working!

We had spoken to her about asking for a raise a few days before this, and related to what we had been through in the past and how to go about it and it gave her a sense of relief when she knew others had gone before her too.

Maybe more then anything when we know that God is working and others with his help have had the confidence to go through the tough stuff and make it through OK or even in her case like a shining star! It give us hope and inner peace knowing that.

When we grow through what we go through, we are always better off then just kind of learning nothing from the process. Even though we have tough situation God will put us through it teach us certain things about our-self and others.

Gods Comfort Zone
When we recognize this and stay confident and gain knowledge thorough the process and in turn help others who maybe struggling

Gods Comfort Zone
Gods Comfort Zone

with the same difficulties we all benefit in the end and I think that’s how God wants us to go thorough life together as a community helping one another.

So when the tough stuff happens pray about it seek relief in knowing others have been through it too and try and learn from it as difficult as it can be at times.

Have a Blessed Day,

Bradley Paul

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