God will ensure his promises will come to pass

God will ensure his promises will come to pass. How many times do we hear voices trying to convince us things wont work? Stay the course. Sometimes in life the Fog will set in. Sometimes we have to dig our heels in and say we believe we know he will come through.

Just because we give up on a dream doesn’t mean God gives up on a dream. God has the final say and will finish what he starts. Let God works his plan and it will be greater then you can ever imagine.

Believe all things are possible.God will ensure his promises will come to pass

Begin again to get your dreams back. God is saying its time to start again. Begin again. You may have had some disappointments and God is saying I am going to complete your incompetitions, I lined up the opportunities, lift up your faith and be confident God is going to flood his mercy into your life.

The above picture was taken by my beautiful wife Shawna on our way to work. This reminds us that God has given us another day to make things new to rise up and stand for him and bask in his Glory similar to the sun shining through the early morning clouds. Stay faithful don’t give up and lift God.

Have a Blessed Day
Bradley Paul

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