God wants us to cast a blessing on others

God wants us to cast a blessing on others in our life, similar how we live in his shadow and he blesses us. In life many times we don’t really think about being a Blessing to others so much as we are concerned with our own problems and issues in our own lives.

What God really wants us to do is be the ray of hope in someones life and help them whenever we can and reach out and be the shining light when we walk in a room or situation who brings hope and promise. When we start to think this way and start to help others is when we start to see amazing things begin to happen. Suddenly we see lives start to transform and elevated as we bless those around us.

I remember not too long ago there was a team of us who were having a issue trying to figure something and we just couldn’t get to the point that we could fix a computer this particular problem. When another engineer who happens to walk with the Lord came in and was that ray of hope and in one sense Blessed us with his problem solving abilities and allowed us to figure things out.

I know its not easy as we go through life when we have many of our own issues and don’t feel like we have time to help anyone else. But it is possible to do when we start to think at a higher level and ask God to helps us Bless others and he will let it flow through you into them.

Have a Blessed Day and remember-last-time-god-helped-you-succeed

Bradley Paul


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