God Wants Us To Be Happy

God Wants Us To Be Happy

Have you ever been going through life and loss your happiness and thought what happened to my life it seemed so normal and all of a sudden it derailed for a course not from God?

I think we all of had those moments where we think maybe God has left us or that we feel less then perfect and need to draw closer to God.

When we learn to put God at the center and know he wants us to live a Blessed Happy life, we start to Elevate to different levels then we knew before.

James 1:12
Blessed is the man who endures temptation; for when he has been approved, he will receive the crown of life which the Lord has promised to those who love Him.

We all have a tendency to be tempted by certain things and if we can learn to refrain from them we are far better off and like James says here we are Blessed.

This goes along way towards happiness when we can start seeing long term instead of living for the moment.

As we encounter different situations in life and learn to not give into temptations such as food, one of my weakness’s, we start to get free of chains of such things and God Blesses this new found life as we follow his direction and path for our lives.

Is it always easy? No! But when we start to look around us and realize that really we are only here for what amounts to a small amount of time and when we learn to live the way God wants us to and find true happiness we are far better off and truly can change our future for the better.

I know recently I have gained some weight back and I need to remind my self to follow God not the temptation of food and put God first and he will Bless me for it I will be far better and maybe actually lose some weight and feel better and be be happier as well.

Recently we have had some technical difficulties with ElevateYourFaith.com most notably my laptop broke so as we try and get back to a regular posting schedule please pray for us and thank you for being patient as we work through these challenges.

Maybe its our marriage our relationship with others and when we start to lean on the good word and its understanding such as seen in this passage from James (Jesus brother) we are far better off.

Be happy and blessed and think Kingdom not the way of man and we will see God step into our lives and bring hope and happiness and let us know all things can be accomplished through him and to relax and not worry so much.

If you have a prayer concern or just to communicate with us please leave a post below and we would be happy to reply and pray fer you.

Have a Blessed Day and remember God wants us all to be happy and live Blessed Lives for his kingdom.

Bradley Paul


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