God Picks us up | When we fall short in our walk God helps us

When we fall short God picks us up. In life in can be hard to always walk the straight and narrow path to Heaven. Sometimes yes we fall short. Its during those times that God is there for us and lifts us to new amazing levels.

I know times in life we get tempted and fall into sin. Its happens to allot of us and the good news is that is God is there for us and lifts us back up. When we repent our sons and ask for him to wash away our mistakes he will. Anything is forgotten when we come to him and say I have made a mistake and I will change. Your past is forgotten and your new begins.

This is the amazing thing about God. I know there have been times in my own life where I have sinned and came to God asking for his mercy and he forgives and has allowed me to move on with my life for the better.

Stay strong don’t lose hope keep the faith. Even though you may have made a mistake in your walk with God, rest assured he will accept you back into hos Kingdom if you ask for God Picks us upmercy and try your best not to sin again. Your guilt is lifted and God allows us to live a Elevated life free from those chains.

Stay in faith and don’t allow the enemy to drag you down don’t give up hope.

Have a Blessed Day!


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