God Loves You

God Loves You in Amazing Awesome ways! As you see in this picture of light shining God Loves Youthrough that God will come thorough for you in all ways, he will not fail you, he will shine a light in your life as seen in this sun shinning through the clouds and he will open doors in your life.

If you believe and don’t give up you will see amazing things start to change in your life.

There was a story Pastor Joel told this weekend of a man who grew up poor and believed one day he would be able to fly to his job sites with more efficiency as he is an oil driller with multiple locations and it would take him many hours to drive between locations. He stayed loyal to your faith and believed and honorably served God. He even had a picture of a model airplane he kept on his desk to remind him of his vision. That’s when the flood gates opened up for him and God poured his amazing grace down on him. A man he new was retiring and sold him his airplane for pennies on the dollar to this man as God totally came through!

When you know that God Loves you and he will always be there for you, your life Elevates to whole new levels.

God Bless
Bradley Paul

Elevate Your Faith (Home)

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