God Hears Us

When does God hear us? When we ask and pray and at all times the communication is constantly open and flowing at all times. He hears us when we wake up in the morning when we sleep at night. Sleeping you ask how is that possible? Well its possible because he listens to our dreams and responds to them, and in them. I didn’t know that you say. Well that’s why its important to start your day with prayer to the almighty God and keep communication open and flowing and praise him when you can.

Some times its hard as we realize that we are busy and didn’t start are day off the correct way and ask God to Bless you and Thank him for calling you precious. Yes God sees everyone of his Children as precious. That’s the truly amazing part of living in his presence that God sees all of his Children as precious creations and loves so much that its just over the top.

When you wake up and realize God hears us and is waiting and listening for the communication to start he loves it and Love you to talk to him. Does he talk back can we hear him in return? The answer is yes we can. When we talk to him and then listen in return you will begin to distinguish Gods voice from all others and realize what he saying. It may not be in a loud booming voice but you will know he is there and listening and communicating with us.

Allot of people say the have a hard time hearing this voice from God Well it takes practice and that’s why its important to let God hear you first and when he knows you intentions witch he does anyhow but when you state them it becomes a dialog of sorts. That you imitate you are saying I am hear and I am ready to listen to I and ready to live my life for you! God will listen to our heart and help you with decisions. That why its important to ask God and let him hear that your asking for Wisdom and understanding in your life. These are very important areas as the last thing you want is to go into a situation where you don’t have the Wisdom and Understanding you need to accomplish something. Its kind of like trying to drive a car with out a single lesson how or without a license. Think of when God hears asking for Wisdom and Understanding he downloads a road map for us to follow and helps us see it through. Isn’t that Awesome! He helps us every step of the way just by allowing him to hear you!

How often should I let God hear me you say? Everyday more them once. 7 times a day if you can. The Bible tells us to ask God to come into our lives several times a day. To open your windows and shout it out! God come into my life!!! Help me Give Favor and Wisdom! God loves it when we do this and is there and ready to help us all along the way! When you start your dialog with God it doesn’t stop he keeps hearing us for ever and ever as long as remember to open up the communication each and every day. So start your day correct. Talk to God hear and be heard as he is there for you and is will to listen and in turn you open up your ears to the almighty one and begin to live an Elevated life!

Have a Blessed week,

Bradley Paul

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