God gives you everything you need to share with others

God gives you everything you need on a daily basis. He gives us forgiveness and mercy as these are some of the things we can share with others. God plants a seed in us and allows us to share with others as this is what God’s plan is for us to continue to share his love and mercy throughout the world.

Sometimes it’s not easy in life but as we realize God is there for us, and wants us to reach out and help others and see a change in their lives this is probably one of the most God gives you everything you need to share with othersimportant things we can do to honor him.

I remember recently we’re at a restaurant where we were eating pizza and we found a hair in our food when the manager came over and asked us about the hair and was asking us if we wanted a free meal? We said no we just wanted to let you know about the hair he seemed shocked and practically demanded that we get something in compensation. We did take a free pizza but this was not our intent. We simply wanted to tell him about this hair in the food I think these days it’s practically unheard of for people to get nothing out of something, they want to try and look out for themselves many many times. This is not how God intended this to be he wants us to reach out and help others and share his love and share his mercy, share his kindness as he does for us.

Once more of us start to realize this the world starts to change and you can see it change around you as more more people see the loving mercy of God .

So reach out and help others and see amazing changes in others and in yourself as you spread Gods good word.

Have a Blessed Day

Bradley Paul

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