God gives you a green light to life

God gives you a green light to life!

Have you ever felt like all you get are red lights in life and no matter what you try especially if you don’t have God in your life, fails? I am here to tell you can have Gods green light in your life.

God gives you a green light to life
God gives you a green light to life

I know there have been times in my life where I kept asking God when will something happen or God why is it taking so long? Well for some of us God has to prepare our hearts and minds or what we are asking for will overwhelm us and we will fail.

Recently we took a trip that kind of seemed like it was not going to happen. But when it did, God really lined things up and I got to see my older Brother Bob shown in this picture with me at a Ball game. We had a great and excellent time. This is how God works as he makes sure everything gets lined up just so. We had attempted a similar trip a few years prior that didn’t work out, due to work situations and we were really hoping that wouldn’t

God gives you a green light to life
God gives you a green light to life

happen this time.

God will always give us energy to stay on course and get to your green light. God will lift us to new levels as we don’t give into that sin or temptation. Pholilipans 4:6 Dont worry about anything pray about everything. God is restoring and reconciling as he is a God of abundance. jobs will find you business opportunity’s, catch the vision for you health, family, marriage and joy and all you do. When we say its my year, you will get to that green light.

When we stay in faith and don’t give up and pray about all things we see our lives change to amazing higher levels. If you need prayer go to our comment section and ask for prayer as we have many prayer partners that will join with you and lift you through prayer. We are sill asking for prayer for this ministry to reach all corners of the Globe with this awesome massage of Gods love.

Such as in Psalms 31:29 So be strong and courageous and all you put your hope in the Lord. Sometimes we have to put our hope and strength into waiting and trusting and know that when we trust in the Lord with all we do and all of our actions, All will be well either now or eventually.

Thank you God for being so good to all of us as we trust and believe and you open up doors to our future and destiny.

Have a Blessed Day,

Bradley Paul


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3 thoughts on “God gives you a green light to life”

  1. Brad,
    Thanks for the inspiring message of God’s timing for the green light. I know we pray for a direction that we think we should go in and we receive not a green or red light but maybe a yellow light. If I don’t sense a door opening but not really closing either, I feel this is a time of waiting. His timing, as you know Brad is perfect and He has our best interest in mind. Sometimes we need to wait and grow in our faith right where we are at.

    I came across this analogy the other day after planting some lawn seed. God could of made lawn seed germinate in 30 sec, 2 hours, 2 days or 4 days. But he chose 7 days with just the right temp and and moisture condition. I thought as I waited impatiently for some signs of the first germinated seeds to surface, why 7 days (7 is the number of completion or perfection by the way) I wanted after 3 days. Well after 6 days I did not see any sign of growth in spite of perfect growing temps and just the right amount of rim fall, mot to heavy, not to light. But I waited, in faith, knowing that God had this entire germination process hidden under the soil that I covered the seeds with. During this waiting period, 7 days He was working on me, gowning not only the seeds but my patience and most importantly my faith in Him, not so much in the seeds to sprout but in God ability to come through at just the right time.
    I think faith can only come through waiting.


  2. Dear Bradley,
    I had a dream and it was a Church’s song that was about the green light to God! We must leave the green light to the Lord. He will make wonders if we allow! Let’s open our hearts to Him e to Heaven!
    Thank for your words!
    God bless you!
    Julio- Brazil

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