God gives us new beginnings

God gives us new beginnings!

In life we sometimes get bogged down by various circumstances. We may think we have no hope or life is not going the direction you want it to. I am here to tell you there is hope when God gives you a new beginning.

God gives us new beginnings
God gives us new beginnings

When we stay faithful we can see our lives Elevate to whole new levels. If we fight the battles with the most high in our focus we can move forward with confidence in knowing God is fighting our battles and lining up our next level.

This is what happened to me recently as I prepare to turn 50, God lined things up with a great Job and fresh start in this year of Expanding to new levels.

When we realize that life and people can and will in many ways let us down but when we know and truly believe God is in our court fighting for us, we truly can begin to shift to new levels and have a truly Blessed life.

For myself growing up in church I new at some point I would walk closer to God, it just took me 19 years to commit to it. And even at that I had some times where I fell away from the Church. But I always knew God was there working on my behalf.

Even in this day and age its not easy in the working world as many are not following Christ and at times we feel like we are be pulled away from the life God wants us to live. That’s where its important to stay the course and Put God in remembrance such as in Psalms 102 Hear my prayer Olord, and let my cry come to you.. When we remind God of the things we hold dear in our dreams and hopes, that’s OK to do, and I think this is where it helps God to realize whats important to you. As long as we are putting God first and staying in alignment with him we will see a massive shift in our walk with God. Stay the course no matter what type of situation you find yourself in and know God will line up for you a fresh start and ultimately a new life.

So don’t worry or stress and remember you can always get a new start as it says in Philippians 4:6 Don’t worry about any thing and pray about everything. Its true at every turn if we pray and remember if we put our whole trust in the almighty he is working for our Good. Now sometimes it may seem to be taking longer the we would like but stay the course and you will see a break thru.

If you don’t know Jesus and you want to say this prayer.

“Lord Jesus come into my heart and forgive me of my sins and I ask for your forgiveness”

If you said this prayer we believe you got born again.

Remember Exodus 15:3  The Lord is a warrior the Lord is his name means that the Lord is strong and will stand and defeat all enemies, all we have to do is believe and Elevate Our Faith!

Be Blessed!

Bradley Paul

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