God Doesn’t want us to have a Spirit of Offense

God Doesn’t want us to have a Spirit of Offense.

When you are offended you don’t make spiritual progress. Don’t be angry Christians and not easily offended.

God Doesn't want us to have a Spirit of Offense
God Doesn’t want us to have a Spirit of Offense

There are many opportunities for offense. Don’t have a house of strife and allow offense to take hold.

Are you offending yourself? Your spirit is your guide of what the word of God brings, and it brings healing to your conscience. The more we ignore our conscience the more dangerous it is. Be lead by God.

Sin is not your master unless you give it a right in your life. Say sin is not my master, it died when Jesus died.

Know who you are in Christ and ask God to strengthen you. We need the Holy Ghost in our lives. The more you learn who you are in Christ the more the Holy Spirit will flow through you.

Mathew 18 8-9 Cut off what offends you get rid of it.

When you determine the enemy will not run you life and you say I will be free what controls on my life, you will set yourself free.

Mathew 11:13 Take by force raise up and get control of you life. Don’t complain rise up and take responsibility for your life as and ask God to raise you up.

You can have everything God says you can have, but sometimes you have to fight for it.

The devil will not leave you alone. Shout out I  am Blessed of the Lord and I follow Jesus.

You have been given a power to enjoy simple everyday things because God is in you. Don’t let condemning thoughts control your life.

When we need to realize who we are in Christ we truly arrive.

Have a Blessed Day

Bradley Paul

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