God breathes in our direction

A friend of ours has two small children, a single Mom who shows such deep love for her children and how she is able to keep up with them at 2 & 3 it simply amazes us at times.

If you can’t see video above click here http://youtu.be/yeqqYpgS_6M

We remember those days when it takes that extra energy to get thorough life and isn’t that what God breathes in our direction? Sometimes life can get tough but when we really are dedicated to something we somehow with Gods help find the way.

Similar to our friend who finds amazing energy and God Bless her heart for God as she is reaching out to others now as well to be Gods hands extended.

Sunday’s our our recharge day, to get plugged into Gods word and recharge our life! This helps us catch Gods breath for a new week.

I think sometimes as we go through life and we put our whole trust in the Lord and allow him to work through us and show us the path and the energy follows that is needed.

I know at times it can feel daunting like how am I ever going to be able to get all of this done, but with God on your side you can do all things.

Philippians 4:13
I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me!

As it says here in Philippians I can do all things, especially when we pray and ask for his assistance and lay our problems down and his feet and don’t stress about them.

Am I saying don’t think thorough your problems? No I am not. But through prayer and the Lords guidance he will start to reveal a path to follow and provide a Burst of energy to get thorough.

Quick Shouts>

I was recently sick with a cold, God pulled me thru (that and my wife dragging me to the Doc)
– Friend of ours had a tough financial situation God pulled her through
– Bro Burr turns 60 and we know God will bless him even more now!

Many times as we go though our lives we have a tendency to get so busy that we forget all that we have and often times need to Thank God constantly for everything he has done.

Its important to take these Blessings and realize that he lines up an amazing future for us and especially for those who Love and appreciate all that he does do in our lives.

I recently had a conversation with Burr and we were saying how fortunate we are in that everything we have in our lives and that we realized there are many in need all around us, that at times we have no idea how much they can be struggling just to have general necessities.

Many times its this realization that starts the ball rolling for great things for

God breathes in our direction
God breathes in our direction

the kingdom through servant leadership and reaching our and helping others even in small ways to make a huge impact in someones life.

You ask how can an act of a small thing have a huge impact? You would be amazed by what one act of kindness can do, as it could be all someone needs to find the Lord again and God will open up the heavens over their lives.

Have a Blessed Day,

Bradley Paul


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