Get this in your Spirit God Will Not Fail You

When you truly trust in the Lord Get this in your Spirit God Will Not Fail You you are learning to live at a higher level. If you ever thought that God left you and you were simply alone is when God was by your side and didn’t fail you.


As seen in this picture is where God carried you when you were alone and couldn’t carry on. So know when you are at lowest when you feel lost alone and cannot carry on is when God Will Not Fail You. Keep the faith walk the the walk and he will smile on you in amazing ways. As ‏@RiverofHealing Tweeted this AM

“For I am not ashamed of the gospel, because it is the power of God that brings salvation to everyone who believes. Rom.1:16”

When we believe and hold on to Gods word. Don’t waiver but stay true to it we wont be let down. So when you have been through a tough time with a Family member or a friend remember to stay on course and don’t let go. God will show up in amazing way and surprise you. We have more inspiration from @SoulDirection1 Tweeted this AM

“Our God can do anything but fail…..”

One word here Awesome.

Have a Blessed Fourth of July

Bradly Paul

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