Get ready for a flood of Gods goodness

When we prepare ourselves for a flood of Gods goodness we can almost feel a shift in our lives. When are faithful and honor God he prepared to flood our lives with abundancey and favor like we have never seen before.

Have you ever had a challenge in your life that you just weren’t sure how you would overcome? Or have you been in a situation where you felt in life there was no hope? That’s when God steps in and removes the darkness, Get ready for a flood of Gods goodnesssteps in and opens up the right channels to change situations in your favor.

I remember recently we were praying on a daily basis for my wife to find work and we weren’t sure when God would come through as we knew he would in one way or another. Sometimes we have to be patient as God lines things up and makes it happen and he did for us, in amazing ways. She now has a great job and not in retail as she wanted to get away from that. We serve and awesome God!

Know that you are Holy and that God wants to work from your inside out to show all of his Glory shining out through you.

You say well how can this be God is going to flood favor and special blessings into my life? Well then maybe this word is not for you and is only for the believer! Rest assured God is control of all things and when he decides to open the flood gates he will.

Stay Faithful and Have a Blessed Day.

Bradley Paul

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